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Waite\’s direction for the Eight of Cups is:  The card speaks for itself on the surface, but other readings are entirely antithetical, giving joy, mildness. timidity, honour. modesty, marriage with a fair woman. Reversed – Great joy, happiness, feasting.

I have to say that I agree somewhat with the first part, in that the card does indeed speak for itself.  It is a card of walking away, but let us look at the symbolism of the card a little more closely.  It is not actually night time, but a solar eclipse.  It is daytime, yet feels like night.  The man walking away is holding a staff and is therefore supported, and you will also notice that he is walking to higher ground.

None of the cups are overturned, as in the five, with all being upright, but it is simply just time to move on, and perhaps to higher ground.  Have you outgrown a job or relationship?  Is it just time to walk away and to something a little more fulfilling or with the promise of happiness.  Are you happy now in whatever environment you are in?