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Today\’s card is Strength.  As usual, we\’ll note Waite\’s understanding of the card.  Waite says:  Power, energy, action, courage, magnanimity.  Reversed – despotism, abuse of power, weakness, discord.

We would go along with all of those, but again, let\’s look at the symbolism of the card.  A graceful woman with the infinity sign above her head, closing the jaws of a lion using calmness and graceful strength alone.

If you draw this card in a spread, are you being strong, or is strength somehow being used against you?  Again, looking at the card, it appears that it\’s a graceful strength, and the strength of honesty and integrity.  Are your actions holding someone else to account?  Are you in need of showing strength in a situation.

Always remember that cards have duality, and that they also have a reversed meaning.  If your cards are all upright when being dealt in the first place, should the card have a reversed meaning?  Look to the cards around it for context.